How to care for your laptop


Laptops do not have the same cooling system a classic desktop PC.

  • Laptops are made of plastic, which tends rather to accumulate heat rather than spread it as you would aluminum.
  • Most laptops have only a small fan, some have two at most, they are not enough to dissipate the best tactical and military watches.
  • They emit the same heat energy than any computer.
  • Air ducts are often clogged. In most laptops, the air intake is below the computer and the exit is on the left side or at the rear.


  • Place your laptop on a flat surface as often as possible, and preferably sobrealzado, in parts of the air ducts.
  • Never have your computer long way on your knees or on your sheets. Doing this obstructs the inlet and the air outlet.
  • Tip : To use your computer in a non – rigid and non – planar (the bed, the couch, knees) surface, place a cut rigid and thin cardboard (type folder hardbound office, for example calendars hardbound offered by certain banks) under the computer. This will avoid obstructing the air ducts. Avoid too flimsy cardboard cartons of corrugated type.
    • Note: This trick allows to keep the good state of your computer when you use it on his bed, but the position stooping to use in such situations can damage your back.
  • Do not miss the sun, even with the display closed. Avoid being under a window, particularly those with a magnifying glass effect.

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  • Laptops do not have a solid metal casing and desktop computers; although they are lighter, they are more vulnerable.
  • Laptops are made of the same materials of desktop computers. These components are not made for transport when they work. A shock, even a small one, can damage and destroy these circuits (sometimes violently) your computer.
  • Laptops have only few replaceable parts.
  • Covers or bags laptops have a particular form, as draw attention to thieves.


  • Purchase preferably a metal suitcase for transport, and avoid these bags have the exact shape of the laptop. If you’re using bags, backpacks prefer that leave guess the presence of your laptop offering stronger protections and not cost expensive.
  • little moves your computer when it is turned on. The hard drive is a key element of the machines, but also an element that must operate at a high accuracy. Shocks and jolts due to displacement can drop the needle (like a turntable) and damage your data. Then you can have problems in running programs. In addition, the hard disk is constituted by a disc rotating at high speed (typically 5,400 to 7,200 rpm). The gyroscopic effect of a change of inclination of the laptop is very important about the axis of rotation that could damage it. Restoring data by a specialized company will be very costly.
  • We must also know that the screen is a liquid crystal system, so it is as fragile as the rest. Do not put anything heavy up and do not leave it on when you are traveling with your computer.
  • If you must move it, put it into sleep or hibernation. The hard drive will have less luck to jump and the display is turned off.
  • does not change the configuration of power management.

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